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Hi all and a Happy New Year to you.


The general advice is to put a distortion effect / pedal in front of the amp input instead of in the effects loop.


I got this Laney IRT-PULSE http://www.laney.co.uk/products/irt-pulse/ which is more of a valve preamp than your standard distortion pedal.


I'm running a Mesa Express 5:25+ which has five 12AX7s and was thinking of adding the IRT in the loop to give me seven 12AX7s. More gain me thinks!!


If the IRT works / sounds good in the loop, it will make it easier for me to wire up my pedal board. This thing has the I/O top & bottom instead of the sides which means I have to saddle it sideways to connect into the amp input. Just the way my board's set up. PIA. [cursing]


Will report back but would like to hear what you guys think.

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