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Had to share this.


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Japanese workmanship is no surprise in the manufacturing world; it is arguably the best there is.


I deal with micro-machined assemblies and parts, both domestic and from the EU, Indonesia and Japan - Japanese is always perceptibly the highest quality.

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The quality of workmanship is without a shadow of a doubt top-drawer stuff. I don't think I've seen another clip which shows finer craftsmanship bestowed on a guitar and I wish them all the success their astonishing skill-levels deserves.


But the end-product? I wouldn't have one of those guitars in the house. Not my sort of thing by about a million miles. Possibly more.

Still; that's just me - and my 'thing' is worth diddley-squat in their intended market-place. And I'm sure ESP and myself are equally happy about that state of affairs.


Luddite Pip.

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