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Local boy..........

Buc McMaster

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This guy is a player on the local scene......excuse me.......a monster player on the local scene. This is a video from a European tour, a tune from the band's first release, and yes yes yes --- this is not an acoustic performance but this guy has it for doing it live. His original guitar and powerful vocals are just right on the money - and the band as a unit is tight as a gnats' arse. Perhaps not your cup of tea but I sure many here will appreciate this guys' talent............




.....why is this guy not signed?!?

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Found this acoustic number he wrote. A good of example of poor acoustic tone not being so important in a live situation.......... What a fine voice.




Impressive player and singer, for sure. What's that little pseudo-Gibson Fender AE he's playing?


So now you're the king of freakin' Siam? I know the old king died recently, but you don't look like his son to me, unless you've been putting one over on us all these years.

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