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Your IN box is full, please delete a few so I can send a PM.



Ok, I'll try to delete some stuff. Having problem finding my in box, how to get in, I never look at that stuff. Steve, I'll send you an E Mail with my account and you cane E-Mail me for now., Ok, found it, deleted a bunch. I got rid of over half. Not sure if I can delete the friend requests without losing them.

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Email sent.

I played The Munster's Theme Song in honor of your avatar, ha, ha.


msp_thumbup.gif Funny story behind that. I've been trying to put that on ever since I found it. Always too big. Then I played around over an hour trying to get my In Box, now I know how, but my empty avatar showed up and asked if I wanted to put my E-Mail address in. So I did then it shows my camera, thought it never takes but put Herman in again and it took. Wow, surprised so I changed Sher Kahn and wrote the words he sang on that show, The Hambone.... I love that avatar. Then, playing around some more I found the In Box. Didn't want to delete the friend list, thought they may disappear if I did. Thanks for getting me to do that!msp_flapper.gif

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