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My Son David picked this " The Hawk" up for a trade of a crappy $100 indo Parker PDF60 + another bill + tax.

We have already changed pickups = Seymour Duncan P-Rail + Triple Shot switchable ring & I just finished up putting "A Little Thunder" in the neck & also added a 2nd output jack for going to a bass amp. I'll have to get picks of the finished guitar later on..

Here's what it looked like when He came across it @ MGR -----> Gibson "The Hawk" Music Go Round

He also put a sticker over the FOTL logo on the body & headstock..

Being he already has a Blueshawk & Nighthawk the Hawk feels right at home with it's 25 1/2" scale..

This is the cheapest Gibson we've ever come across YET!!



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I don't understand why he would cover up the fruit of the loom sticker. .On a serious note, how does it stack up to the Nighthawk and Blueshawk? I have both of the other Hawks but haven't convinced myself that a regular Hawk is a need.

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He didn't care for the FOTL logo, they make men's underwear btw but doesn't look outrageous..

The Hawk has become one of his favorite guitars..


It also gave me a bridge pickup for our jackson DK2M pile of skulls..

He says the bridge gives him a nice place to dig in kinda like the early Lesters do..

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I just got one of these "The Hawk" guitas. It is a very cool guitar. I have had several custom shop Gibson Les Pauls and a few older SG's. This thing is special. The 25 1/2 scale length and the thin slab of mahogany give this guitar great tone. I love it. Higher end Gibsons are great but don't over look the cheaper ones. Thing thing has great tone.

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