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Combining Baggs M80 with Fire Eye


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Last night we played a pub, and I used my Farida (Lg2 knockoff) with a Baggs soundhole pup. I thought I had the sound dialed in pretty good.


Baggs M80 ==> Fire Eye Preamp ==> Bose L1


Is it a no-no to combine those two? I did so because having the "Boost" on the floor is clutch.

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Haha. Here is the best part. Check out this picture (from last night).





The guy on the right is Bobby "Tambo". He is awesome - does the sound, the Eq, manages feedback, plays with vocal settings (volume and reverb) on the fly. And he has this huge bag of tricks. Blocks. Sticks. Shakers. Tambourines.


He is The Roadie... the Sound Man... And has an awesome knack for what percussion fills enhance whatever we play... And we do so much on the fly. Someone blurts out American Pie... Or a Travelling Wilburrys tune... He is worth his weight.


The guy on the far left is Charlie Marine. Interesting story. Sober 23 years and hangs out in a bar because he loves to bring his cajon and play alongside whoever allows him. We always do... music is community.


But back to roadies... I refuse to get paid. I do it for the fun... and I rather Mike have more, and Bobby have more. My only perk is that nobody questions if I leave at 1:00am and just grab my bags and go . Thats a damn good trade for me.




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Isn't the Baggs M80 already a preamp? Is it ok to have more than one? I of course may be ignorant.


It is true that the M80 is an active pick up and does not NEED a preamp. However I have run a Baggs M80 through the Red Eye because I feel that the Red Eye smooths out the tone. Eventually I decided to set the M80 to passive mode and run it through the Red Eye and found no difference in tone. Now I don't worry about the battery dying. [biggrin]

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