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Spanish is the loving tongue


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Thanks Old Cowboy.You've probably got a real cowboy hat not like my Aussie bush hat doing a Johnny Ringo impersonation.

Anne great to hear from you.

62B I first heard this on Dylan's much maligned Self Portrait album.Any song covered by Dylan, Tom Waits and Emmylou Harris must have a bit going for it.There are a few lyric variations around and I massaged it to suit.I think I'll google the original poem now to see the exact words - if it exists somewhere online.



edit..I just looked up the original poem.It's called "A Border Affair". Words are the same except for this verse which I left out and most covers leave out.Probably because it contains a "bluntness" more common to earlier times.


"Never seen her since that night,

I kain't cross the Line, you know.

She was Mex and I was white;

Like as not it's better so.

Yet I've always sort of missed her

Since that last wild night I kissed her,

Left her heart and lost my own --

"Adios, mi corazon!"

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