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An unknown cousin


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Just wondering whether you've heard about this one. Looks pretty cool for my 5 Yen.

X-braced ? , , , probably a thin light construction.

Could be raw sounding - could be sweet-primal like a road-workers hand in a silk glove. Could be a big hollow barn with the wind blowing through it.




Time to look it up on the Tube.

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Bruce and Tom of Vintage Blues Guitars had one that I played when they had a booth at Gary Burnett’s B3 Vintage show a few years back. An economical way to get an old guitar without the expense if that guitar’s headstock sported a Gibson logo. The earlier ones are more sought after, before the bolt-on necks (as in your 2nd vid):





The pickguard shape seemed visually unbalanced, and the headstock had a ’50’s kitsch-thing going on. Playing it felt a bit strange; the neck’s profile, and balance. Sound, as well- ‘guess there’s more to a Gibson than just the box. A National 1155 might be just the ticket for someone who wants something old, J-45-ish, but different.

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