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My 1960 J50


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Hello all. The 1960 J50 that I traded for the 2002 Brazilian AJ is on the gruhn site.



AG5678 Gibson J-50 (More photos...) , 1960, EXF, height-adjustable bridge, later Gibson HC......$5000


Little pricey but I loved this guitar

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Congrats on the new member of your family. How do you like the slimmer neck profile on the 1960 model?


Yeah, the price on a J-50ADJ sounds a bit on the high side but the guitar does still have its stock bridge (which although most folks were not particualry fond of and replaced - does increase the value a bit) and you know exactly what you are getting when you deal with Gruhn. No worries about not getting the "real deal."


Sounds like a good deal in a straight up trade though.


Again - Congrats.

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