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These guitars were introduced in 1977 and look very similar to a non-reverse firebird. When I first saw one of these I knew I had to have one, but that was in 2007 and I was out of luck. I have heard mixed reviews of the re-issues. If anyone has played, or owns one please tell us about it. (First post)


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That RD line was all over Guitar Player at that time.

John Williams, a classical player, was the subject of their publicity campaign, to include his statement on the active circuitry made available.


Compression was not too suprising, Expansion was.

According to the interview, Williams could tailor his tonal response to where it would sound closer to his nylon-stringed classical guitar.


That RD series was totally drool-worthy at a time when Gibson Electrics, as a product line was starting to expand.

That RD was definitely worth dying for.

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I own the Silverburst RD Reissue. Honestly, I absolutly hated the Dirty Fingers pickups in it, they're godawful. No tone or clarity to them at all. The fact that you can buy them for a dollar on ebay should tell you something too. I replaced the pickups with 57 Classics and it's now replaced my Les Paul Doublecut as my main guitar. It's serioualy my most comfortable guitar. If you can get your hands on a Reissue I would say to go for it and put in your favorite pickups.


with my DC before the pickups were replaced.




After I replaced the pickups with 57 Classics.


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