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Happy Birthday Magic Sam


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80 years ago today Magic Sam came into this world, I doubt most remember him today, but listen to his playing and you will realize immediately where a lot of famous white rockers got thier chops's, The Rolling Stones in for example, just saying,





This was recorded just before his death in 1969





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Do you know about what year that first, black-and-white video was recorded?


I believe it was from his 1963 tour of Europe, his first recording of All Your Love was made in 1957, Earl Hooker, whose name is on Sam's guitar was his best friend and mentor, Earl was John Lee Hooker's nephew, BB King said upon Earls death in 1970,"to me he is the best of modern guitarists. Period. With the slide he was the best. It was nobody else like him, he was just one of a kind".Earl suffered from tuberculosis which he contracted as a child, it limited his stage work throughout his life,

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