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What kind of SG is this?


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So I think I just fell into a great deal, I got an Epiphone SG off CraigsList for $175, it place sweet and sounds great, but I'm not exactly sure what I got.


The serial number tells me that "Your guitar was made at the Qingdao Plant (Epiphone), China on October, 2011, Production Number: 8329" but gives no additional information.


It is labeled "Limited Edition Custom Shop" on the back of the head. It has the deluxe machine heads, coil splitting hardware, and the Pelham Blue looks a lot like the G-400 Pro 1966 Reissue. But the truss rod cover says "SG" instead of "SG Pro", and the pickups are open coil, not covered.


If anyone could point me in a direction on how to find out more about this guitar, I'd greatly appreciate it. Is there any way to get more information about what the custom shop built? I'm really curious what kind of pickups are in this.



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So I pulled out the pickups and took a look, they have labels ACPNHCN-4 and ACPNHCB-4, does that make then the Alnico Classic PRO? I've seen people using that model number with the term ProBucker as well? I can't seem to find an Epi parts list with model numbers, so if anyone knows, I'd appreciate it.

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