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The Current State of One of my Electronic Rigs


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So the other day I put Martin Retro monels on the Martin CEO7, and today I put the iRig mic in its soundhole and ran it through: 1 iRig Acoustic Stage preamp; 2 Fishman Aura Spectrum DI (Aura blend OFF); 3 Boss VE8 Acoustic Singer; Allen & Heath 4 channel mixer; iMac/Garageband.


I used the Aura box because I had the leads running to it already, but I turned off the Aura blend and used the volume and eq flat, then ran a lead out to my Boss VE8 to mix the vocal on the Shure SM58 with the guitar from the iRig setup. I have recorded this tune a couple of times but keep changing it - my version of Richard Clapton's "Capricorn Dancer"


I made the rig appear way more complicated than it seems above - it is already setup to go anytime in my music room! Can't see lugging it all anywhere - just take the Aura guitar ands SM58 for vocal instead! [biggrin]









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Thanks FT and ZW!



This stuff is for singer guitarists. Pointless otherwise!


The gear I have is just current junky consumer level electronics for singing and playing acoustic including the Boss VE8 with a few separate effects, volume control and eq etc for each channel. Because of advances in tech and computer chips, you don't need a billion bucks.


So you plug your pickup enabled acoustic in one channel and your mic in the other, add different reverb or echo or whatever to each to taste and run the leads out to a PA or mixer.



Now the acoustic guitar sound I have in the recording is firstly from a little new clip on mic and preamp system called iRig Acoustic Stage, which I have banged on about before. You just slip the pick shaped mini mic into the soundhole and the preamp has some preset tone controls and various output choices for running to amp or PA. I ran it to the Boss VE8 mentioned above instead of a undersaddle pickup. You can put this mic thing on almost any acoustic guitar including vintage. Very handy for guitars with no pickup and ones you don't want to alter but want to amplify....


But the theory is you can practice away, practice away, practice away and get all your settings how you like it and you can save them! Get to the gig, plug in the stuff to the PA and you have the sound you have practiced with. And the soundman only has to turn the volume knob up and leave the eq flat. And if they go along with you, your first song will sound like my recording instead of hearing the soundman adjusting levels and effects and eqs. Theory only!!!! [biggrin]


But I have used it to record and have learned a thing or 2. I like.


So if I had the soundman I know and liked for the big gig, I wouldn't bother, just take the acoustic and sing in his mic, pretty easy and get a great sound start to finish. But if I had the soundman from some of my earlier gigs, well... A. I wouldn't go. [mellow] B. If I absolutely have to go, I would take my gadgets! Hope he doesn't muck it up, probably will but I will have my sound in my headset and what goes out the front, well..... [thumbup]






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