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Took the covers off my 57 Classics


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Hi friends,


Just wanted to share that I finally took the covers off my 57 classics on my '16 Traditional. Love pickup covers but chrome doesn't scream out attitude as much as a lightly tarnished nickel. I definitely didn't mind it, but I figured I had a few music friends who have different finishes and forms of the Les Paul and why not differentiate myself a tiny bit with uncovered pickups. You can probably deduce where I get my sense of guitar aesthetics by looking at my avatar pic. I've only played it on my little rehearsal amp and not my main rig. So far, difference in tone is minimal; maybe slightly sizzle-ier, but I won't be able to really tell until I plug into my rig tomorrow. The method of taking it off was quite easy. At first, I was trying to de-solder those blobs, but I started getting afraid when I realized my pickup was getting really hot. Wax was liquefying around it and everything! If I had the patience and the know-how, I'd probably continue to solder those blobs, but I decided against it and got a heavy duty knife and cut through those blobs. Just had to scrape some minimal wax off the side of the pickup and that was that. Praise God, everything still worked!! Took a picture. First one with the covers has better lighting from the sun. The second from a Walmart lamp.



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