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Name is Day proud owner of my Gibson E-150 lapsteel


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just wanted to say hi to everyone here and glad there is a site like this to help others out when they have questions about Gibson's and other things.......My name is Day and i'm here to find more info on my guitar which is a 1935 #132 Gibson E-150 Lap Steel guitar which is been in my family from day 1 when my grandfather was a younger man....I am familiar with the History on the guitar just not the value of it which looking around on the internet has led me to dead ends...soo any info would be great and Thank you for reading this blabbing by me its nice to meet you all Much Love




Day Grove

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post-87066-009322800 1503963819_thumb.jpg

post-87066-030550000 1503963831_thumb.jpg

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dang getting some good info here glad i found this place so so far its 5k-9kish i guess from the AH being it seems that all we can go by atm? my # is 132


Welcome to the forum Day.msp_thumbup.gif Yes, I found one on reverb, #179, a E150 lap steel, made in Kalamazoo, cast aluminum and they wanted $9,500.00 for it. The listing was closed.

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