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2015 Les Paul Deluxe


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I recently picked a 2015 Deluxe Goldtop with the GForce and brass adjustable nut. The guitar was brand new and had never been out of the box. I played it for about a week and was having all kinds of tuning problems and issues with the brass nut.

I replaced the brass nut with a Tusq XL adjustable nut and put a set of 10's, it came strung with 9's.


The Tusq nut and the heavier strings completely changed this guitar for me and I literally can't put it down now. The Tusq nut has made a big difference in the tone and the improvement is amazing. In addition, it now stays in tune perfectly and the GForce works great. The heavier strings also were a big improvement.

I know that there was all kinds of debate about the 2015 models and they can be found at great prices.

I had to write in that this guitar is incredible! A few changes made it amazing.

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I'll do my best to get some pictures up, I'm on the road most of this week but will get to it as soon as I can.

I did call Gibson and they sent me the titanium nut which I haven't tried yet.


The Tusq nut was perfect. I would not have trusted this guitar to gig with before because of tuning problems. I trust it now though and love it. It is right up there with my historics.

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