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[/size] So i am a newbie to playing the guitar is so many ways Yet I have been playing it for 50 some years in my mind and soul.... The freedom of music can not be captured by anyone or anything. Its almost the only experience where you can become fully engulfed in the melody and words of a piece of music and away you go.... To Venus and Back in the blink of an eye...I have not allowed myself the gift of playing the guitar and making music for 55 years Now that all changes and I have time on my hands and a load of instrument Like my new Gibson Les Paul 1016 HP 1960's era for under 800 dollars because of a scratch... There are no marks on this guitar well until I drop it like the 4 day i had it and now it has a mark on the back But it to be play not drooled over. I bought and Fender J5 Telecaster brand new like 3 months ago and payed like 699 for it Gold and beaming it is a nice Axe. But it started to fall apart in less the 2 months So I returned to TJ Music Store in Fall River MA, Lizzy Borden Killed here. Greg and Joe and even Dave have helped me on my magical mystery tour.... Greg is totally rebuilding my Telecaster less tham 2 month after I bought it cause it was falling apart.... Never buy a Guitar manufactured in China. new Pick up's wiring and switches its going to be like a real Telecaster professionally dismantled and put back togthere in America Like a true Telecaster. I have also purchased from TJ Music the following 2 amps A Pevey Max 112 and a Fender Mustang Gt 40 to keep me rocking. Along with a Fender Bass Squire paid like 150.00 just to keep me occupied and trying different things. Also bought a set of Drums Alesis Nitro electronic kit for my wife to play so we can jam out playing our real rock band Any way my point is that I knew that if I ever wanted to play to my potential that their can only be one guitar for me Number 5 Like Pete Townshend back in the 70's A Les Paul 2016 HP 60's its really like driving a BMW. As soon as I get my Telecaster back I will drop off my Gibson to Greg at TJ and have him professionally setup my new axe Its closes out of the case to being perfect but Its going onhttp://forum.gibson.com/uploads/post-88083-051171100%201507148036_thumb.jpg 3 years old and sitting and needs a tune up.... Any way long winded way to say how happy I am Well I am as happy as a Sinner a Picker and Smoker and a Tokker can be..... THanks Gibson for making may dreams come true.....William Ried

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