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Just want to share my 1989 Les Paul CMT


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Hi there!


I just wanted to share a somewhat rare Les Paul that I got back in 1990.


It's a 1989 Les Paul CMT (Curly Maple Top). I got it from Sam Ash in NYC and I recently found out that it was a Dealer run of 300 Guitars. I've had the guitar since 1990 when I got it new and it has been my favorite guitar during the past years. Sure, I have had like 30 guitars pass my hands, but this LP has always been with me... in fact, it's one of 3 electrics that I have left after cutting down.


Recently I spoke to Sammy Ash over FB (grandson of Sam Ash) who share some information about the run that he authorized. Other than the nice top, it's a light non weight relieved body with nothing on the truss rod cover, no pickguard and a ink stamped serial number. I am not sure about the pickups and he didn't seem to remember, but they are black and white bobbins (at least the bridge is). The neck is also quite thin.


It doesn't look anything special, but it does have a cool story!









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