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Gibson sg and EMG pickups


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another project will be a SG with EMG 's


there are some SG with EMG pickups


Some ESP too


some Yamaha guitars too


have you a SG with EMG pups : opinions ?


I once had an SG Epiphone, and I upgraded it with some passive EMG's and had them able to coil tap as well. Made a big difference and helped me get that metal tone I was looking for back in the day. Used to be a huge Metallica guy - learned all their songs form Kill 'em All to the Black album. The albums after that never really happened - and I like to think sort of that the Black album never happened either... Nonetheless, EMG pickups + SG = AWESOME!

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cool, !


there is a sg special emg

i know this kind of guitar which would be better with a better nut ? and especially locking tuners and a fast access heel which is not there


another option is the ESP viper 1000 (locking tuners) but i think it's not the good place lol

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Hey man, whatever makes you happy, get it. You are just talking to a guy who liked the EMG pickups in his Epiphone SG. I would imagine that they would sound great in a Gibson SG. But anyhow, buy the guitar that makes you happy if you're going that route. Either this or customize your axe of choice with the necessary electronics. Who am I to get in the way of anyone's happiness? Good luck with everything, I hope everything works out.

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I have never understood why folks don't like...or say that they don't like EMG's, especially when their favorite records are recorded with EMGs. They put more research into developing pickups than any company I am aware of.


"They're too hot.." How many times have you heard that? Folks do realize that every guitar has an attenuator built in...it's called a volume knob. I have a metal project where my #1 is a 7 string with EMG 80 & 85s. I can play every part with the one guitar including the clean stuff with slight changes in volume and tone knobs on the guitar. In fact, the pickups are so killer potent, I can pick up some awesome phonic frequency with em. At certain times I have had my EMG's pickup vocal frequency, spanish radio stations and even electric appliances and lighting.


Yea...no one wants to play with florecent lights fluttering through their pickups. So dial the volume knob back to 7 or so. Oh, and my EMGS go at least 15db higher on clean tones before they break and the palette of breakup is gargantuan. So many sweet tonal variety in there right up to hottest sustainyist overdrive I can get.


An SG with EMG's is basically the ESP viper. A guitar that is used on more recordings of rock and metal bands than most people ever realize. And I still maintain that Gibsons have some sort of 'majic' that comes from a century of instrument building that ESP is still chasing.


I'll bet your SG will be one serious full-tone beast of an instrument.

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thanks guys !

very cool ! [thumbup]


there were not any critics about the EMG pickups here

but what i can say is that they are not powerful pickups like people believe

it's an illusion

they are just hot because they are active with a battery


Another thing i read: they sound cold, very cold


i am not really a metal player but i have

one experience with EMG pickups : a SV and a 85 but with a Hohner g3t

it's really great

the SV sound warm so not cold at all ! but it's a good guitar

solid wood

the SV sounds like a vintage strat (maybe more than the SA or SLV Lukather which is a like a big SA)

but this was a little guitar : not so confortable to play with sitting on a chair

so, i wanted more

a bigger guitar with EMG pickups and confortable to play with


so, i had some options

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- SOme advices if you want this extra power and harmonics with EMG pickups and a double cutaway


- Gibson longhorn : old model

EMG pickups +PIEZO ! but old model (frets 70% -80%! ? :)


- Gibson sg special EMG (no locking tuners) : black color, all is black but it is an interesting model surely with a big and powerful sound because of the guitar body : a good year for these models

- ESP LTD Glenn Tipton : i really wanted this one but i had some unwillingness about the Kahler tremolo : i have seen some videos vs floyd rose

a review too

and it was an expensive price as i read just for a LTD

so, i decided not to buy it


- sg gothic too : not fan



Gibson active pickups

- No PRS torero cos it has a Fender scale and i wanted a Gibson scale


i finally found a really beautiful ESP Viper (not LTD) i will tell you more later

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