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I was interested in getting a couple things done to an ebony 1994 Gibson Nighthawk SP3 (Nighthawk with only the body having binding). First and foremost, I would like a small crack in the headstock-neck region to be repaired. It is not a large crack and the auctioneer I purchased the guitar for attempted a repair - which may need to be redone. To me, it seems like the repair left the crack in a state where the guitar can be used like there never was a crack in this area, but the finish around this area is down to the bare wood... and the crack line is visible.


A little history how I acquired this... I purchased this guitar on "the bay" which included all original hardware and pickups - minus tuning machines - for a relatively low price. At the time, I was interested in the pickups and gold HW and was going to scrap the body since the price of this auction was relatively cheap. Well, my thoughts have changed since I figured that Gibson could do a "class act" restoration job on this thing and I have a new guitar I can customize with new pickups and such.


In the end here, I want to get this crack repaired first off, then I want to get it refinished with the original solid ebony color it was made as. I want to go to Gibson as well to see if they can save the serial number and the "Made In USA" writing on the back of the headstock. I figured that the makers of this guitar are the best people to employ for this job. I also have heard that they do superb work in restorations of their guitars. Also heard that they are a bit costly, but if they do a "super" job on this, the money will be well spent IMHO.


Overall, what should I expect on this in terms of:

- time of repair

- cost of repair

- quality of repair

- communication along the way


I understand that no one here can quote me prices for my particular case, but what the true intention of my itemized list is to have someone explain their experience in terms of these 4 list items to sort of give me an idea what the experience for me might be like. Any other information would be much appreciated as well. Anyhow, thanks in advance and hope to hear some good feedback on this subject. Thanks!

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