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Howdy from Missouri


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Hi, I'm Benen, from Missouri, and I'm an instrument repair student, learning how to repair band instruments (trumpets, clarinets), decided to take up guitar repair as a side hobby, and joined mainly so I could get information on guitars I work on. Currently making my own frankenstein-ed electric guitar, and I just bought an Epiphone 6732 that needs work on, but I'm trying to get information on it before I do so! Just wanted to say hi to y'all. :)

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Hi and welcome to the forums.....[thumbup]


Instrument repair is a highly skilled operation and can make a great career.....


My local wind technician handles all brass and woodwind instruments : trumpets to tubas, flutes to oboes.....dry.gif


Adding in string work, guitars etc can broaden the pallet somewhat.....[biggrin]





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