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Wow, the LG3 sounds so crisp, it made me feel like sleet was hitting my cheeks while I was on a sleigh ride. Which, come to think of it, I have never been on. But I imagine it would feel like what your recording evokes in my mind: the little variations in tempo and dynamics like the shifting winds driving the pin-sharp notes if that LG. Wonderful playing as usual, BluesKing.


Red 333

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I haven’t been on a sleigh ride either! Probably won’t.


Suppose my recording is meant to be a bit of an antithesis of the 2 versions you don’t notice playing over and over at the supermarket at this time of year and I obviously won’t get asked to appear on the carols evening show with all the ‘celebrities’, which includes a few surprising names here this year...meaning to me that they must be on the bones of their @£$€..... and they keep smiling that fake smile.


And I didn’t use reverb to highlight the guitar tone, but I can tell you, I sure ain’t singing without it!





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