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Hello to all --


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Hi everyone,


I'm from New England and North of 60 on the time continuum. I have moved in and out of guitar playing over the years but recently have really gotten the bug again.


My first ever Gibson was a L6-S purchased in the early 70s (with a Music Man amp at a "fire sale" price). A couple of years later I purchased a new Les Paul (a LP Custom, dubbed the "fret-less wonder" in those days). In the 1990's I got a ES-135 but still mostly played acoustic guitar, and mostly on my own.


Now I am intrigued to learn blues and jazz - and I am really interested in guitarists who produce great tone with their rig (e.g. Robben Ford, et al).


Those are the things that lead me to this forum. I'm looking forward to reading opinions and picking up some tips and knowledge on these topics. Chasing great tone is one reason I got my first ES-335 and I have a ES-330 coming in soon (one of those floor model deals from Chicago Music Exchange). Gibson guitars may not be the only ticket to great tone but they really seem to pull the best out of my modest playing ability.


Anyway -- I'm glad to have found this forum --- thanks.


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