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What strings recommended ?


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Hi all

I have degenerative tendons in my chord hand and would like you guys to give informed opinion on what gauge strings I should or could use to extend playing life on a LP Traditional HP ??




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Sorry to hear that Kev. I'd go with a light gauge. Maybe 8's or even 7's like Billy Gibbons uses. I never tried 7's so I can't recommend them. I have finger problems too and I use a hybrid blend. They go .009, .011, .016, .026, .036, .046. They are light enough for me to bend easily without being too easy. You're going to have to try some and see what works for you. Good luck!

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Many/most musician folks of a certain age :blink: experience some form of hand 'challenge'.......


Tendonitis, carpal tunnel, RSI, arthritis etc etc


Guitarists, violinists, flautists, pianists, accordionists.....[scared]


I have been down to 8's on electric, but reverted to 9's for intonation reasons


I read that Billy Gibbons used heavier strings until he spoke with BB King......[thumbup]


Another maybe obvious strategy is to keep a mental note of playing/practice times and perceived problems with pain or discomfort


Warm the hands thoroughly before playing


Consider hand massage from a physiotherapist.....some sports massage oils are very effective.....[thumbup]


Caution with taking pain killers


Good Luck....!!





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