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Well, I recently bought an Epiphone EB-0 SS bass and I am modding the heck out of it. I have replaced the neck pickup with a DiMarzio Model One DP120 (I had to mod the pick guard to make things fit). The bridge is a piece of junk IMHO so I bought a very nice HIPSHOT 3 point bridge for it. Next up is an Artec mini-bucker for the bridge pickup. One it's done it should sound like an Gibson EB-3. The Epiphone EB-3 is a LS and the model name should be EB-3L. Mine will be a SS EB-3.



Controls will be two Vol pots one Tone pot. I will move the output jack to the side to make a clean set up.



I plan on using flat wound strings with it once it's done.

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