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Trying to Date an Old SG


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Hi There. First post.


i have an SG i purchased about 10 years ago or so. Shows it has definitely has been played. typical rash marks, nick, dents.


enclosed are some pictures of a SG i am trying to date (online serial lookups give a varying amount of dates or models. It has had some weird wiring modifications done over the years. just want to see what year its from and what exact model it could be. serial number is: 510806 hard stamped no color . with a sole 2 above the serial number. Around the serial number there looks to be an embossed oval. i had the new bridge pickup installed but still have the pickup that was removed (some sort of old humbucker) as well as a extra pickup that was in case. silver cased heavy humbucker . black wax on botton no other numeration or info) any information that you can provide would be super appreciated if not the right place for this my apologies. Thanks So much



post-90316-051609300 1517927399_thumb.jpg

post-90316-058070400 1517927406_thumb.jpg

post-90316-004947000 1517927414_thumb.jpg

post-90316-000380200 1517927421_thumb.jpg

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With a serial number like that, it is easy to get highly conflicting info online. However, the deciding factor in your case is the wide headstock and block inlays. That and the 500000 range serial number would put this around 1974 or 1975.


You mentioned an oval on the back of the headstock. Some Gibsons of that era had clear oval stickers containing the serial numbers and sometimes the model name. Not sure why you'd have a halo of an oval AND a stamped serial number but anything is possible with Gibson.


The '2' indicates a factory second, which would have mattered when it was hanging in the store new and any significance would have been negated the first time you rubbed it against your belt buckle or bumped the coffee table. Chances are there was some stupid little flaw in the finish.

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Pretty much just to say KSD has summed-it up already but it's an SG Standard just in case you don't already know.

The slot-head bridge is a replacement; it would originally have had a 'Harmonica' style bridge.


Keep the original p'ups; they will be well worth the incurred storage fees if you ever decide to sell...



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Wanted to thank you 2 for the replies and info. Agreed so many different versions of the info online it made no sense. Even a reply from Gibson didnt match any other info either, (they had it 64-68 and only consistency was the "2") . The guitar itself has been around the block several times with stress cracks. odd body mods (adding switches, moving jack to new drilled hole similar to an LP. then back to standard front jack etc etc) . Overall still feels great and sounds good given its state and especially for what i paid for it. Yes pickups left inside case with guitar . thanks again for the info much appreciated!

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