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EJ200CE with solid top

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The general rule is "EJ200CE=laminated top" while "EJ200SCE=solid top".

But I've read in a couple of forum topics that some later Epiphone EJ200CE have actually a solid top even if they are not marked with the "S" (EJ200SCE) on the label.

So I contacted the Gibson customer care asking if my EJ200CE (made in Indonesia on May 2014) has laminate or solid wood top.

They answered that according to the serial number I’ve mentioned, the guitar in question should have solid top.


This is just to confirm that the general rule has its own exceptions [rolleyes]

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I have a 2002 Epi EJ-200 Natural made in the Samick Korea plant and she sounds huge!!!!She came from the factory with a Gibson logo imprinted in the truss rod cover and certainly sounds much better than any of the current EJ 200s and I'd have no qualms about putting her back to back with a current Gibson J-200 in a sound comparison.The only criticism I have about my EJ-200 is that it's not acoustic/electric.I am hoping to put a Fishman pickup system in her some day down the road because she sounds so fabulous aux natural she would no doubt sound phenomenal with a quality pickup system installed in her.

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