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How Cool is This....


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I was just looking at the Seymour Duncan pick ups I had built for my project LP from their custom shop. Each pick up came in its own little plastic case that said; Custom Wound for, my name, From the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop. Also says Custom hand wound by MJ and each one is hand signed by Seymour Duncan....


Neck Alnico V @ 8.1K

Bridge Alnico V @ 8.78K


The top of the guitar is done now too, I just need to get it shot with nitro to protect the gold leaf. When I get back to Spain I should have all the parts to put the guitar together now. I'm getting cream pick up rings, plastic toggle washer and pick guard while I'm here too... So my Franken LP GFC (Gibson Forum Collaboration) should be ready for Sping or Early Summer

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Maybe Seymour Duncan knows you have 5 guitars and wants some return business? LOL

That's great' date=' Dave! How about some pictures of the project?[/quote']


When I get back home I gonna put together a photo progression of the whole project... I don't want to post it till its done though...

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