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Really did not follow me home lol


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Could be lying too lol












Congratulations swleary, very nice pair to have wandered in behind you.


I obviously need to move to a better neighborhood, only thing to follow me home recently was the neighbor's dog.


Play the hell out of them!!



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The trans-black LP is a beauty but that Explorer?


If I ever decide it's time to get an Explorer there is absolutely no doubt that it would HAVE to be a natural/white-guard/gold-hardware '58 style. Nothing else IMO is anywhere near as desirable as the original. I don't really get GAS these days but that Ex. is an exception to the rule. BEAUTIFUL. Truly.


Hearties congrats on both but especially for the pointy one!





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If one is good, two must be better! Especially in this case! Awesome guitars. I have that same explorer model and love it. Pip is right. An explorer in natural with white pickguard and gold hardware is by far the coolest look. That trans black Les Paul though, gorgeous is an understatement. What year is that standard?


Congrats and enjoy.

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