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Any pedal to get a sharper P90 sound?


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Hello everybody

I have a les paul with P90 and I am happy with the sweet and full body sounds  that they offers to me. 

P90 are excellent with a lot of pedals and in my opinion specially with fuzz pedals, so I keep them

Sometimes I would like to get a sharper tone ( more accurate , more treble ) from the P90 and even I have been thinking to remplace the bridge P90 for a firebird pickup to get it.

But before start to remplace , i would like to know if you suggest to me any pedal that could get out a sharper sound from the P90. ( to sound more treble ?

Thanks in advance 

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There are lots of pedals out there, so there might be one that would do what you want, but I don't think so.  The P90 has a specific tone, and they just don't clean up to be really glassy and clear all that well.  To my ear humbucker pickups can sound so much cleaner and clearer than P90s, but tone is very subjective to each of us, so what I like and what you like may be very different.  You can get pedals that will give a treble boost, but the P90 is still going to be a little mushy or fuzzy sounding, not crystal clear and clean.  Again just one opinion.

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Thanks Twang Gang for reply

I like P90 even because they sound wilder than hum buckers and even warmer ,..., 

i totally agree with you  about the humbubrers sound cleaner and clearer . Probably the easiest thing should be to change this p90 guitar for other hum bucker guitar or keep this and acquire other one with hum buckers . But i still hope to find a pedal to do sharper the P90 tone ,..,because thats one reason the guitar pedals exist , they are  effects pedals that modify the sound , aren't they? 
The problem is that I am looking for a long time and I don't find any to get that kind of effect . ¿any suggestions? ,..,some idea to start again my research ?


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