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Did my first open mic last night


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So my friend and I did an open mic last night in what is supposed to be one of the best open mic places in Boston.


All the other acts were terrible. This isn't me being condescending either. These people were so off key and terrible at their instruments that if I had made a youtube video of it, people would think it was a joke. I couldn't believe it. I even asked the guy who worked the bar and he couldn't believe it either. He said usually there's one or two acts that are bad, a ton of mediocre ones, and one or two good ones.


Apparently last night was unofficial first timers night. By the time we went on the crowd looked tense and bored. By the time we got off they were happy and cheering. The thing was, we played a little sloppy, but because of the lack of talent last night we looked great.


I wish I could show you the open mic. There was a bunch of kids from Harvard filming it and I really want to get ahold of it. Not for the footage of me, but for the AMAZINGLY bad other acts. I seriously had to go out and smoke a cigarette a few times just so I wouldn't laugh out loud.

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thats cool

i am going to do an open mic this friday for my first time at a little coffee place in my town.

i'm getting pretty excited for it, i will probably just do four songs. but who knows maybe i'll do another.


i can't wait =P~

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We did You Know My Name by Chris Cornell which was the song for Casino Royale. We also did a song the other guy wrote. I don't know what it's called but it's pretty good. The place only lets you play 2 songs because a lot of people perform but you get ten minutes in total.


It's hard for me because I love guitar solos but I force myself to play with a little more taste on the acoustic because the other guy has a fantastic voice and it's better for the songs. I'm working on singing but I'm not much of a singer. I've only sang a song once in college two years ago with a few friends.


We're doing another one tonight and the place records it for you so I might be able to post it. Tonight instead of the Chris Cornell song we might do Monkberry Moon Delight by Paul McCartney, I LOVE that song.



Open mics are real fun and I suggest all of you to participate or at least go. The people may not be good but there are some nice guys and last night I saw this weird old hermit playing the piano like a supercomputer on LSD and singing dementedly about Mars. It wasn't very good but it was VERY entertaining.

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