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I just got a Orville Les Paul


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I just got this Orville Les Paul. As I can't leave any guitars stock I changes the pots to CTS pots, I changed the switch to a switchcraft, & I changed the pickups to a Dimarzio virtual hot paf in the bridge & a Dimarzio virtual paf in the neck. This guitar plays & feels just like a 59 & it sounds GREAT. The finish is a faded cherry burst but it doesn't show up in the pics very well. I do have the pick guard & rythem/treble plate in the case but it looks much better without. Here are some pics of it & a Murphy 59 at the local GC.


The Orville






The Murphy


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Orville is Gibson in Japan. Gibson can't sell guitars under the gibson name in Japan so they sold their guitars under the name Orville (Orville Gibson founder of Gibson). They are made to the specs of 1959 American Les Pauls. Current Japanese Gibsons are Epiphone. Check out this link for the full history.



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