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Getting married in four months...

Tim Plains

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I remember seeing "She's Having a Baby" Kevin Bacon asks Alec Baldwin right after the ceremony "My God, am I gonna be happy?" Baldwin answers coldly' "Yeah, you'll be happy, you'll just never know it"

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some good advice thus far from most of the posts I think.


Also, you've been dating and there is that element of romance; don't lose that. Just because you're married doesn't mean you don't have to or can't still "court" her. Treat her like the lady she is and longs to be with respect and love. Be the one to treat her right first - take the lead and initiative on this one. Treat her that way without any conditions - you don't expect any returns from doing so; just do it.


Congrats Tim!

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Definitely some good advice here and thanks all!


I think I suggested this once before' date=' Tim.... separate bank accounts. One less thing to fight about. Agree on a way to split bills/expenses -- or even do one joint account for common expenses if need be -- but avoid the one giant pot scenario. Then she's not upset by your gear purchases and you are not bothered by the number of purses she needs.[/quote']

We've had separate accounts for a while now and a third account, which is joint.

How else do you think I can buy guitars without her knowing? Now I just have to find places to hide any new ones. :D

Don't get me started on purses...


I know it sounds like I'm a happy newlywed and in some ways I am but were celebrating the 26th anniversary next month with a trip to Hawaii... Hmmm KOA

Happy anniversary! I'd say she should buy you another guitar but that wall of yours looks pretty full.


Ill be waiting for my invite in the mail buddy! *wink*

Destination wedding...$2' date='000 a person! Still want that invite?



A girl's two favorite words, right there...


Californiaman is right on about the D word.

NEVER throw that one around in anger' date=' it will haunt you forever.


I'll tell you more in a PM if you don't get it.[/quote']

We throw the "D" word around all the time now, but it's always in good fun and never in anger.

No need for a PM, I've seen your conversations with just guys. I can only imagine how heated they get when a woman's involved! :-

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