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Epiphone Casino Standard Tuning issues


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I was hoping someone could help advise. I recently brought my first Epi Casino.

And have been playing it for a few months. However, i have noticed that the Guitar

goes out of tune a fair amount. I was wondering if there is a remedy for this.

I believe that it likely goes out of tune on some strings because i do like to bend notes a lot,

as i was originally was a bass player, so have strong fingers. And although a novice guitarist,

am quiet capable of bending strings, which i can do for a fair time without fatigue.


I note that some people replace the tuners, i was wondering if there was another way to remedy this problem

without replacing the tuners. Perhaps something that could be done to the tuners themselves, i did read

that some guy had dismantled the tuners and placed a small washer in order to add friction, to make the tuner

tighter? would that work.


I also read that a german company make a simple device called a string butler that can simply be fitted that

apparently some claim to work a treat at improving the tuning problems. 


Would be grateful for any help on the matter. 


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thing is, the lube will wear down over time,. 

if some of  your strings go "plink" when you tune, the nut slots may need some attention.  (too tight) The lube will help, until it wears down, then these problems may resurface.  (apply It again, repeat when it's an issue again)

Truth is,,  Every guitar needs a setup which should include checking the regulation of the nut.

it's quite essential to how the guitar's intonation works along the first 2 / 3 frets, (like the tuner says it's good, and a D chord still sounds off. ..)

The nut also attributes to how stable the tuning is.   bend the sting, the nut binds up.. the string hangs sharp and your hearing it as out of tune.

all common, and easy to fix.

For new guitars, nuts are not regulated at the factory, as that depends on your choice in string gauge and playing style.   
(light touch, vs heavy handed.)

It's a ball park setting at best out of the box.  I'd get it checked. 

Find a setup tech and have them evaluate it. Worth the cost if you find a GOOD tech.   Not all guitar setup techs are created equal.. some are great, some are not,. it's a process you need to work thru and understand.



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