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hey guys

just did my first open mic last friday, it went pretty awesome. i got to play five songs which were all along the watchtower, knocking on heavens door, sweet home alabama, and istrumentals of little wing and stairway to heaven. on sweet home alabama and stairway another guy who was there came up and played his 12 strings with me, that was pretty cool. he was a great player, it turned out he has been a guitar teacher for 27 years so that kind of made sense.


i will probably do the open mic again this friday or next and i am trying to think of some good mellower songs to play. most of the stuff i know is to loud and rocking for the venue so i need to learn some mellower stuff, but i still want it to be fun to play and have good guitar. maybe some blues stuff?


any suggestions?

i was thinking about taking care of bussiness.

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Do you know how to play any Marshall Tucker tunes? Or Jimmy Buffet? Tuesday's Gone by Skynard is a good one too. Glad you enjoyed performing' date=' it gets in your blood.[/quote']


Great choices here. My buddy played for Marshall Tucker a few times. He also played for The Outlaws for a reunion tour. Can't go wrong with either. I also think that Simple Man by Skynyrd would be good. Buffet is an easy choice too. Take it Easy by the Eagles is a nice mellow tune that gets everyone singing and dancing too. If you really want to go dark then Comfortably Numb is a good choice. That's a tune we always played in our gigs and it always went well.

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Well... a bunch of us guys who have played for money at one point or another in our lives are gonna jam tomorrow nite in a local saloon.


Frankly our backgrounds are such that I can't imagine much in common but a few old country tunes, some Willie Nelson tunes, and basic blues with maybe a Doc Watson or Ian Tyson tune tossed in. I keep wondering how a 13th will sound with a Watson tune but then... what the heck, it's for fun for a bunch of guys who know each other but never picked together. I haven't played for money with a flatpick in 30+ years so... we'll see. It still sounds like fun.




Seriously, jamming with guys from different styles may best go back to just a basic blues where about anything goes - and it's not that far from "country" or "rock" either, so that folks mostly comfortable with either can find something pretty much in common. Getting a good sound balance can make a world of difference - and it's not a terrible idea to try to stay in tune with each other. <grin again>

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