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Thinking of modding my Crybaby...


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My Crybaby (Original) doesn't sound too bad to my ears, but it's lacking something. I'm thinking of upgrading the pot to something that can give me a nice, clear, throaty sound without sucking up half my tone. Also, how hard do you think a true bypass mod would be for someone my level? By my level I mean that I'm in the level 1 electronics class at the Vo-tech building in my school, I can solder, and have access to resistors, caps, etc.


Can anyone suggest a good pot?

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I put a Hot Potz (100K) in my Crybaby. I haven't compared it to any other After Market Pot but I like it better than it was. It had gotten so scratchy I couldn't hear it's original voice. With the Hot Potz it's quiter than it ever was and has a very Original sounding voice, with a little more of something.



Here's a link to a Webshots Album of the repair.


Hot Potz Mod

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