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Clarifying pickup switch activation - Riviera P-93

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Hello all,

  I've got a Epi Riviera P-93, and I'm wondering what the default activations are through the pickup selector switch. My assumption is as follows:

UP: neck

MIDDLE: middle and bridge

DOWN: bridge

That said, I've seen other people online articulate this differently (for example the middle position activates all three pickups). Would someone be able to clarify the definitive default configuration?

Thank you!

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@Apostata The stock wiring for the Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 guitar is that each pickup has its own volume control and there is one master tone control that governs all three pickups. To switch between pickups, the toggle switch in the up position is set to neck/middle, in the center position is set to bridge/middle/neck and in the down position is set to bridge/middle. You can isolate individual pickups by turning the volume controls down on the other pickups. I contacted Epiphone customer service before upgrading the electronics in my guitar and they sent me a wiring schematic for the DOT 3 P90 guitar. They did not have one specifically for the Riviera P93.

The configuration you referenced in your first post is for the Epiphone Black Beauty guitar, that has three humbuckers with two volume controls and two tone controls. I asked my guitar tech about changing my Riviera to the Black Beauty configuration so that I can get more differentiation across pickups. He said it can be done, but I would need to add a capacitor for to the second tone control. If I recall correctly, he also said I would need a different toggle switch, but I don't recall why.



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