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Les Paul Double Cut Faded P90 issue


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Hi all,


I'm the very proud owner of a 2003 Les Paul DC Faded as of last week;





After a long search and many many different styles of guitar, I think I've finally found my perfect fit... via evilbay.

At least for a couple of years until the wanderlust sets in#-o The neck in particular is GORGEOUS +:-@



I've an issue though with one of the pickups. The bridge pickup is extremely quiet and weak sounding. It is almost like it is out of phase but, clearly, as a singlecoil selected on its own, it can't be. Adjusting height makes no difference and the neck pickup is seriously gutsy so it's a real shame.


I'm pretty experienced electrically, having built guitars and effects pedals over the years as a hobby.


After re-flowing things to see if I had a dry solder joint I still had the 'sick' pickup. I used an audio probe and it was the same right back through the circuit to the hot lead of the P90. Desoldering the P90 and connecting it up directly out to the amp results in the same weak sound with about a fifth the power of the neck pup.


Both pickups have roughly the right resistance (between 7 and 8 k ohms) and this leads me to think the magnets are the problem.





Does anyone have any experience that might help me?


Could anyone for Gibson confirm if that may well be the problem and/or if there is anythign that can be done short of just buying another one?



Many thanks for your thoughts all.

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