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Buisness Trip/mini-vactation to Nashville


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I had a conference to attend in Nashville last week and I got to take in some of the sights. Here are a couple of pics.


I did take some advice from someone on the forum. Other than Gruhn's Guitars I took the tour of the Ryman Auditorium - yes I stood on stage and played Folsum Prison Blues. I'll refrain from posting that pic of me because I've seen some of your handi work with photo shop.


I also went to the Blue Bird Cafe on the Sunday night writers night. They had a lot of great writers trying to make it big. The famous guest at the end was a guy name Thom Shepherd. He wrote "Riding with Private Malone" "Red Neck Yacht Club" and others. He is funny - Definately go see him even if you don't like country music.


Check out his song he wrote for some troops during a USO tour while in Africa- it's a song about

I've gotten to know some of you guys and this song is up your "ahhhem" alley. Just watch and listen.


Here are some pics of my trip




I played this while there: 1959 I think the guy said it is an ES-35 (feel free to correct me on that)



Waiting to go on stage at the Ryman







The Charlie Daniels Museum - A Gibson Les Paul





All of the neck inlay had various names of God - "prince of peace" "Lord of Lords" etc... that photo didn't turn out too good.


Thom Shepherd at the Blue Bird Cafe


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