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My 2012 EJ-200


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Found in 2018 hanging on the back wall of a tiny music store in Hobart, Tasmania.

Very clean and in perfect tune - negotiated a price with the store and took it home.

Went over it more carefully at home, couldn't find a mark on it - previous owner fitted a white Planet Waves 'O' Port Sound Enhancer.

1st string change I swapped to a bone saddle and dropped the action a little - fantastic - noted all Grover tuners are unbelievably smooth.

A day later I swapped the plastic bridge pins to bone too - another great result!

Then I discovered DR Sunbeam round-core PB strings and this thing is brilliant - punches way above it's weight -love it!

sorry .. I can't seem to post pictures.

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That sounds nice Bruce, I should have looked at EJ-200s a few years ago when they were plentiful on used sites, for cheep. I did get a Epi AJ-28  1998 125th anniversary.

I fell the same as you about this Epi  have had it set up new nut saddle ramped and slotted bridge, great full C neck, all over tobacco burst  dark bindings. There are some nice ones to be had

Hope to see a NGD post on the Gibson Acoustic Form from you

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