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fullers 1943 southern jumbo reissue


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does anyone know the specs (nut width)? I really like the looks of this if it has the bigger neck..any info would be great thanks, Mark


proud owner of a great OJ!!!!.....needs a brother



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Be sure to check on the details on these guitars -- Mike Fuller has always had special runs of instruments done up for him by the Bozeman plant, with specific details requested.


There were '42 SJs and '43 SJs sort of "generally available" to various shops from Bozeman, e.g., Dave's Guitar, Fuller's Vintage Guitar, and you'll see these once in a while listed on some sites. But Mike has a real affection for the 'big neck' guitars of the war era, and so he spec'd Fuller's Vintage "Big Neck" war era J-45s and SJs (that's what he called them).


Not all of the '42 and '43 re-issues had the "Big Necks" though, so that's why I suggest you ensure that the one you're asking about -- if you were to locate one, at Fuller's or elsewhere -- actually has that "Big Ol' Hoss neck".



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