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Some Newly Released Music

01GT eibach

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A couple of recent noteworthy releases ... 

1) Sonny Landreth  has a new album out called Blacktop Run -- It features some stellar guitar playing and just excellent music (check out the guitar playing, especially, on Groovy Goddess).


2) Def Leppard  has a new Early Years  5-CD release -- Typically, anything by Def Leppard  is not at all interesting to me.  This is different, though.  This is a complete re-mastering and extra stuff only related to their often overlooked first two albums.  This is the ONLY only Def Leppard  era that  I ever really liked (Pyromania was okay), but I always hated Hysteria  and everything after.  This is the era where they were just a hard-working and gritty Les Paul slinging  hard rock band from Northern England, a bit reminiscent of Humble Pie.   The first three CDs are the most interesting as they include  remasters of those two albums plus a 1979 concert -- the only thing for beyond that is the mandatory "Me and My Wine" bonus track from CD 4.  For those going to the Motley Crue/Def Leppard stadium tour this summer (if that even happens), they were expected to play a bunch of this early stuff.  


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