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Amp head and speakers


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Ok, so I just picked up a 100 watt 4 ohms amp.


I have 2 Akai Tower Stereo speakers, 50 watts each, 8 ohms.


If I plug the amp into both it equals 4 ohms correct?


The speakers are 50 watts each, and to what I know, when both are hooked up, the amp will only put out 50-60 to BOTH.



Any clarifying would be lovely. Sorry for these dumb questions, I have never had a Stack.

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Ok so that helped a little. But im still confused a bit. The head has 2 places for the cable out. Labled Parrelell output for both. So would one go to one stereo speaker and the other to another... This is how I've been told it works. But I would like backup.

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I would offer more info:


First - I assume your "Amp" is a guitar Amp.


Second - the Akai stereo speakers are not designed for guitar - you will surely melt their voice coils within the first hour if you crank your guitar amp beyond "5" . Compare a speaker designed for musical instruments vs home stereo speakers - musical instrument speakers have stiff cone surrounds to restrict movement, and not damage voice coils when driven to high decibel stage volume levels - while typical home stereo speakers have soft cone surrounds and are very flexible. Home stereo speakers spend 80% of their time reproducing compressed source material while being driven with 12 useable clean watts. Not to mention the typical tweeter and crossover network - Guitar amps feeding fullrange speakers will sound rather crisp and piercing.


Next - If each Akai speaker is 8 ohms - then it means connecting both Akai speaker cabs to your amps Speaker Outputs - which as you say are labeled "parallel" - means you have two 8 ohm loads in parallel, which equals 4 ohms load total which the amp's output section will "see".


Yes - you will get the full 100watts output of your guitar amp , but you will destroy those Akai home stereo speakers after a few minutes of power chords


Roll video and post to Youtube - put fresh batteries in the smoke detector too.

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The akais are actually "Music Speakers". Don't know if thats just japanesse stuff. I has the full range of tweaters and such, but its main source is its 12in woofer. So I'm going to research what they really are...On my computers stereo running them currently, I have 2 1992 Bose 60 watt 8ohms. They I know for a fact are home speakers because they are half the size of the woofer alone. But the akais... Im not to sure about, they are circa 1976-1979, and very very tall, much like a cabinet. and on the back they say they are music speakers....


Ok part II. My Bose's are 60 watts 8ohms, but on the back they say "compatible with Receivers or Amplifiers rated 10-120 Watt/ch. But do not have 1/4th inputs.


My amp is 100 watts with 8 ohms, and 120 with 4 ohms, So this may work in theory??? or is the home stereo speakers theory still in effect.


Lastly, the stereo that all this is going through is my Kenwood Stereo Reciever. and all is wired with high def wires. 2 Akai 50 watt 8 ohms, 2 Bose 60 watt 8 ohms.


Edit: the amp is a B-52 LG-100A, yes a guitar amp.

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