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Serial # mystery


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Hi all,

The guitar pictured here is stamped LG2...and from my limited knowledge, that checks out -- rectangular bridge, big pickguard, white bridge pins, seems like a 1962-ish LG-2.  However,  the serial # is 806241, which dates it to either 1966 or 1969, according to every serial # database I have checked -- but wasn't 1962 the last year of the LG-2?   Any idea what's going on?  A serial # error, maybe?  Or is it possible that Gibson made an occasional LG-2 after 1962?

Any help is much appreciated!


Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 8.59.04 AM.png

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Thank you,  dgm and ghost_of_fl -- I did re-post in the acoustic forum,  and have received some helpful replies.  (Their sense is that it's a '62 with a wacky serial #.)

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