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Les paul nut ?


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Hey guys need some insight on the whole nut issue on my les paul. I just bought a 1992 les paul standard the other day and it is my first gibson. The nut has had a little work done to it and I put 9's on it today and the E ,A , and D strings buzz pretty good when hit open appears to me that it is coming from the first fret as the string is real close to it. Also has some buzzing as playing on down the neck but not to bad. I am thinking of replacing the nut as the slots have been worked on and even with heavier strings it still has a little buzz in these strings. I know I could do a neck adjustment and take care of some of it . But I have never done it and I don't want to mess anything up. I play mostly metal and hard rock some clean stuff too. What nut would work out best for me Bone, Tusq, or brass? I was thinking of getting a bone nut . But any help or advise is welcome.

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