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12 to 10 ga


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Switched from 12ga to 10ga, strings are now closer to frets after sitting a few days.

Which way on the truss rod? I just want to get rid of the A string slight buzz at the 7-9 fret.

otherwise it plays awesome with the 10ga strings. Don't think it will take much but want

to make sure I'm going the right direction. Thanks

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Loosen the truss rod nut (lefty loosey, righty tighty). This will allow the lighter string tension to pull the neck back up. The truss rod tension works against the string tension, The strings pull up and the truss rod pulls down.


Do all adjustments with the strings slightly unwound to relieve the strain on the truss rod nut and threads, turn the nut no more than a quarter turn at a time, retune and check your action. Repeat with slight adjustments as needed, it usually takes a couple on times to get it just where you want it to be.

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