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Bottleneck on my Maton SRS808 plugged...Warning: Maton Content.


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Here is a short recording I just did this afternoon to highlight the sensational pickup system on the Maton with some slide playing, plugged direct to my Boss VE8 for some reverb/delay and run to my old iMac. The Maton SRS808 is the first Maton I bought and is a 'budget' model but it has the AP5-Pro pickup system (dual source undersaddle/mic).

There is no better pickup that I have played. It would be ideal in my old LG3 or my BK, but it needs major surgery on the top and sides of the guitar to install. So you have to buy a Maton to get it Or destroy a guitar...

I have 3 “808” size Matons (LG size?)....the budget one in this recording, a music shop custom mid price satin black finish EBG808, and a top of the line factory Maton Messiah 808. Like most things lately, sadly the Maton factory has been closed because of the virus - let’s hope it all gets going again soon.








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