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I'm not the expert but -

The bridge posts have screw slots which isn't right.

The headstock looks too long and so the logo and inlay are in the wrong place.

I can't see the truss rod cover clearly but Gibson covers always have 2 screws not 3.

The cutaway looks slightly wrong (but that may be the angle of the photo), the plastics are mismatched (not conclusive as they could have been changed) and there is no reason the neck should be painted.

Not convinced this is real, looks suspiciously like a Chinese counterfeit. 

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1 hour ago, salva_russo said:

thank so much to clarify this lots of stuff... are you not expert????


Not compared to some on this forum who are no longer around I'm afraid.

However I've picked up a lot while on here and I stand by my post above.  I think it's a fake.

Best wishes!

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