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This is my Gibson Les Paul XRIII. Made In Nashville Tn. December 14th, 1982 Production Number 57.

I have been tracking it and found that this one my have been call the Silver Streak at one time said Roger Ball at gibson. It will jam and it has a great tone to it, it have the 490's pickups in it and the only thig that I have had to do is get the nut replaced, so had a bone nut installed. The guys at fifth ave. fret shop said this les paul really rocks, and wanted to buy it.






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That M16 in the toy box... is that one with the orange lever you pull back and it makes a GUH-GUH-GUH-GUH-GUH-GUH-GUH sound? Damn I loved playing with those as a kid.. haven't been able to find one for my kids though.


Sweet LP by the way. Love the color.

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Very nice! Wow, I actually found somebody else out there that owns one of these LP's!! Here's a few pics of mine (see thumbs). She is a heavy grrrrl...in tone and weight! 10.5 lbs to be exact! Shoulder killer if you forget your wide strap! Finding any info on this axe has proven to be a bit frustrating over the years. No one seems to know much about it. If anyone out there does, please share...it would be much appreciated. One thing seems certain...she's a rare bird! I read on a blog that only 60 Silver Streaks were made. I do love this guitar!

post-43315-018561100 1335479563_thumb.jpg

post-43315-042266800 1335479594_thumb.jpg

post-43315-070361400 1335479624_thumb.jpg

post-43315-091109500 1335479638_thumb.jpg

post-43315-045709100 1335479661_thumb.jpg

post-43315-021093400 1335479679_thumb.jpg

post-43315-081702900 1335488536_thumb.jpg

post-43315-001518700 1335488551_thumb.jpg

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After doing a little research, I discovered that the Silver Streak came with Tim Shaw humbuckers (stamped 137 in the neck, and a 138 in the bridge) both wound in January, 1983. These PU's are going for quite a bit of $$$ online! Very cool. That explains why I always loved her tone.......

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