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Does anyone know if the L7C, like the L7, has carved solid top? I would imagine so but, just thought I'd ask.

Also, I'm shopping for solid top archtop to use with floating pickup. In my mind this would sound perfect for me.

Are any advantages (perceived or otherwise) to the other combinations:

  • Floating PUP / Pressed Top (and sides)
  • Fixed PUP / Pressed Top (and sides)
  • Fixed PUP / Solid Top


Thanx much

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Yes the L7C is the same with a carved top, a very nice high-end Gibson with (I think) a longer scale length.  I'd love one!

Ideal with a floating pickup added, like this one - sold unfortunately.


There are several on sale in the USA from some reputable dealers who use Reverb and ebay.  Not cheap these days though!!   Google and you will find......8-[

My archtops have what you refer to as fixed pickups, set in the top.  Obviously a floating pickup is non-invasive (so to speak) and so may be better - you wouldn't want to cut holes in a nice arched top.   However the guy who made mine always insisted that it was the thickness (or not) around the edges of the top which contributed more to its vibration - which does make sense, and the 2 guitars he made for me are superb acoustically.

I also have a Gibson ES-175 which has fixed pickups - P94s.  I play it acoustically a lot, and I will maintain until I die that it sounds like every other ES-175 does acoustically.  This is a pressed top of course and I am very familiar with the 175 acoustic tone.  It's not as full or rich as a 'proper' arched top guitar but it has its own sound quality.

Best wishes

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